Republican Party of Senate District 49
2022 District Convention Agenda
To Be Held on March 6, 2022 at Minnetonka City Offices  
Located at 14600 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Registration begins at 1:30 and closes 30 minutes after the Convention is called to order Registration is free and a donation of $20 is suggested to cover meeting costs

1. Call to Order – Bill Hoag

2. Pledge of Allegiance - Bill Hoag

3. Invocation – Bill Hoag

4. Reading of Official Call of the Convention

5. Nomination and Election of Temporary Chair (Nomination of David Hann)

6. Motion Authorizing Temporary Chair to Appoint Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms, Election Judges and Tellers

7. Motion Authorizing and Approving Convention Committees (Credentials, Bylaws, Rules, Resolutions and Nominations/Search)

8. Preliminary Report of the Credentials Committee – Steve Zelinsky

9. Motion to Make Temporary Organization Permanent

10. Discussion and adoption of portions of Rules Committee Report Providing for Registration and Filling of Vacancies in Delegations

11. Filling of Vacancies

12. Final Report of the Credentials Committee – Steve Zelinsky

13. Report of the Bylaws Committee – Andy Moller

14. Report of the Rules Committee – Rob Mlenek

15. Report of the Search Committee (Steve Zelinsky) and Motion to Elect Executive Committee Officers and Vice Chairs

16. Election of Delegates and Alternates to the 3rd Congressional District Convention and the Minnesota State Party Convention

17. Report of the Search Committee and Motion to Endorse Candidates – Steve Zelinsky

18. Report of the Treasurer – Steve Zelinsky

19. Report of the Resolutions Committee – Andy Moller

20. Other Business

21. Adjournment
Bill Hoag
SD 48 Chair